The Team

Cuarta Pared VR (The Fourth Wall VR) has been develepoed by a group of multidisciplinary professionals that came together while they were participating of the Agencia RV project, a research group hosted by MediaLab Prado.

Jorge Esteban Blein

Creative Director and Actor

Creative Director in immersive media, PhD in cinematography, and university lecturer, Jorge Esteban Blein’s multiple 360 video pieces have more than 6M views on Youtube. Currently, he is focused on combining immersive narratives with live acting in various national and international projects.

Inma Peña

Producer and Actress

Law graduate, producer and actress, Inmaculada Peña is specialised in emergent narrative formats, live performance, and immersive media. She is currently involved in various creative immersive media projects combining areas such as theatre, live acting and Virtual Reality.

António Baía Reis

Actor Direction, Actor, Researcher, Professor

Researcher, University Professor, Professional Actor and Media Artist, António Baía Reis has a PhD in Digital Media with a focus on immersive media, creativity and social change, and a Master’s degree in theatre criticism and performance analysis. Currently, he is focused on practices-based research projects in theatre and virtual reality, science communication through the arts, and new media and communication.

Roger Serra

Technical Artist y XR Developer

3D Artist and 3D Technical Artist, Roger Serra focuses his work on Real-Time Rendering, 3D modelling and texturing, shader development, photogrammetry, and the use of new techniques and processes within game engines to generate innovatives audiovisual works.

Estefany Duran Fonseca

Multidisciplinary Designer

Multidisciplinary designer and brand manager, with experience in graphic design and communication, Estefany Duran Fonseca focuses her work on developing research in the intersection of areas such us Virtual Reality, motion graphics, new narratives and animation. Moreover, she has both directed VR animation films and published articles on relevant academic journals.